2015 Christmas Home Tour

Outside & Inside this year was the simplest I’ve ever decorated.

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Let’s take a tour of the decor inside the house first: The tree is decorated with two different ribbonsCopy of ummer deals! (21), gold glass globe ornaments, some large stars I purchased at the dollar store, they were originally red glitter, but I painted over them with white spray paint.

The tree topper was originally a yard stake light cover

Copy of ummer deals! (18)that I purchased at a thrift store, I had plans to paint the nutcracker all white, but his colors made the other items on the tree pop, so I left him as is The dining room table is decoratedCopy of ummer deals! (20) in the “red truck”theme with a chalk board runner. I chose to use napkins  in place of placemats. I sat out my gold utensils to get the touch of gold.Copy of ummer deals! (22)

the tree skirt  is an upside down basket from which the handle was removed. I love it! Last but not least in the kitchen I just hung christmas hand towels on the oven and stuck a red basket to hold a candle on top. My grandmother loved red cardinals so that is in memory of her. She always made Christmas special the “big” Christmas dinner was always held at her home, lots of food and family, How I miss those days!Copy of ummer deals! (15)

For the outside, I kept it very simple. Greenery was hung on the door and over top of that I hung some old skates and made them a bow out of torn gingham fabric. I wrapped the bottom of the trees with burlap.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a Healthy & Happy New Year!







Apple Cider Mimosas

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A very simple drink for Fall, the Apple Cider Mimosa! I was left with almost a gallon of cider to do something with after Halloween, so I surfed for ideas and found several for sangrias and mimosas.

The mimosa drink is the simplest, as I already know how to make the usual mimosa with orange juice and champagne, MY FAVORITE! so I thought why not try it with apple cider instead of the usual orange juice.

There is no recipe for it really you just take a chilled glass and add to it, a ratio of 1/2 champagne and 1/2 apple cider and enjoy. What’s your favorite fall drink?

Fall Wreath

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Time has turned back, the pumpkin lights have come down, and fall wreaths now adorn the doors to my home. I’ll have to admit, I had my usual store bought fall wreaths in place, when I asked a friend for some ideas of things to do to keep myself busy. She mentioned making wreaths, I kind of laughed it off, told her making wreaths wasn’t my thing Then the wheels started turning, Continue reading “Fall Wreath”

Pillow Projects

Copy of ummer deals! (4)I’ve spent most of my Halloween day finishing up some pillow projects. If you squint you can also see the ticking striped curtains in the background, which still need liners, and I made the chair a drop cloth slip cover, that still needs some trim, I’ll share pics of those projects later for now I will share what I have finished. I painted  faux grain sacks using drop cloth.The other two pillows I made using a flannel and dress shirt I acquired at a thrift shop. I have to say the shirt pillows were Continue reading “Pillow Projects”

Grilled Donuts

Simple Cookingdonuts

I’ve found my new favorite way to fix donuts GRILLED! I’ve posted donuts before using the deep frying method as you can see here, this way is just as yummy, without the greasy and messy cleanup>  Just like other typical biscuit donuts recipes you start with a can of refrigerated buttermilk biscuits, cut out the center, I used a 2 liter soda bottle cap to do so, you make up the sugar and cinnamon mixture to dip the donuts in afterwards, and set that aside.

Continue reading “Grilled Donuts”