Pillow Projects

Copy of ummer deals! (4)I’ve spent most of my Halloween day finishing up some pillow projects. If you squint you can also see the ticking striped curtains in the background, which still need liners, and I made the chair a drop cloth slip cover, that still needs some trim, I’ll share pics of those projects later for now I will share what I have finished. I painted  faux grain sacks using drop cloth.The other two pillows I made using a flannel and dress shirt I acquired at a thrift shop. I have to say the shirt pillows were easier than the grain sacks to make. It was tedious for me to tape even lines and get equal measurements, all those bloggers out there with their tutorials make it look so easy! It’s a project I’m glad I completed, but I won’t be painting anymore grain sack stripes for a while lol Copy of ummer deals! (5)I  think for a treat tonight I’ll start some mulled cider to sip on while we wait on the trick or treaters. One last thing before I go, here’s a picture of one of the two Halloween Pumpkin lights my hubby made for the porches,Copy of ummer deals! (3) I’ll return soon with the rest of my dining/living room redo projects and a recipe for the mulled cider, til then enjoy your weekend and Happy Halloween 🙂


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