Fall Wreath

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Time has turned back, the pumpkin lights have come down, and fall wreaths now adorn the doors to my home. I’ll have to admit, I had my usual store bought fall wreaths in place, when I asked a friend for some ideas of things to do to keep myself busy. She mentioned making wreaths, I kind of laughed it off, told her making wreaths wasn’t my thing Then the wheels started turning, I started surfing the web for ideas and saw a lot of the burlap wreaths and curiosity got the best of me as to whether I could create one or not so, I decided to try my hand at one, and it turned out to be a quick and easy project. I’ve received many  compliments on the wreaths from neighbors and family, which put a smile on my face, So thanks “K” for that idea. Before I sign off, one more look at Halloween.

Copy of ummer deals! (7)This is a picture of my neighbor’s fall decor, I took while on a walk the other day,  along this long white fence hangs mini carved pumpkins strung on a vine. The last photo, love this fella, I snapped this guy soaking his weary bones in a local antique store. Lovin those boots! ~Gen

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