Christmas Snack Bar

Copy of ummer deals! (25)

I previously mentioned in my Christmas Tour blog post that this year’s decor was the simplest I’ve ever decorated, well the same goes true for entertainment as well.It was just my husband and I for Christmas Day, but we will be having other guests over for the evening, so I put together a QUICK snack bar.

I used glass containers and filled them with candy and popcorn, the largest glass container will hold punch that I will assemble later on when the guests being to arrive.

Copy of ummer deals! (29)

I took one of my china cups and placed it inside the popcorn container for easy serving.Copy of ummer deals! (26)

I decided to use kraft paper and tape it down to cover the buffet, since I had no table cloths or runners to fit the buffet. I used markers and traced cookie cutters to decorate the paper around the items on the buffet.Copy of ummer deals! (27)

a candle, Christmas cards and fresh flowers add to the Christmas ambiance

Copy of ummer deals! (30)I don’t have storage space to keep holiday plates etc so  I purchased               holiday napkins and put out my everyday white dinner and snack plates, for serving .Copy of ummer deals! (31)

Some fresh flowers and a candle and I’m done. I think back about all the years I slaved in the kitchen, and spent tons on Christmas decor and entertaining and I can’t believe how simple things can be if you use what you have around the home. I do love to cook and bake cookies and candy, but the family these days will not indulge in those delicacies or are too busy running house to house to celebrate to eat so putting out store bought cookies and candy and popping corn, I find, was a simple way for me to still offer some goodies to munch on and not lose much time in the kitchen if they choose not to snack ,and I’m not left eating all the uneaten baked goods myself lol Happy Holidays everyone, I’ll be back soon with the Christmas punch recipe to share. ~Gen



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