Chair Makeover

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great Easter. I wanted to drop by and show you a project that I’ve been working on for the past few months. I’m no stranger to reupholstering, but this is the biggest project for me to date. I’m no professional and it shows with a lil pucker here and there, but I’m ecstatic that its done and I’m pleased over all with the change. I wanted to lighten up my living room and reupholstering these TWO chairs, that’s right I did two of them lol, really helped.

The first major hurdle was removing the old stagnate fabric and ALL THOSE TACKS……… me sentimental or planning for the future, but I saved all the tacks. It was A LOT of tacks, whew!

File Mar 31, 9 33 01 AM

I acquired these two chairs from the thrift store, They were quite dark and I already had dark floors in the room so I primed and painted them both white that left them a bit too white for my taste so I used some antiquing stain over top the white paint to bring out their carvings.

File Mar 31, 10 45 56 AM

I recovered both chairs with a lighter fabric and on the back I chose to use a navy ticking, to match my curtains I made for the room. I replaced the tacks with a lace trim.

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Now I’m off to recover and mend my sore muscles, take care everyone. ~Gen


St Patrick’s Day Decor

Copy of ummer deals! (34)I thought I’d take the time to share with you my simple decor for St. Patrick’s day. I took my fern and placed it in a dough bowl and filled the other side with green apples to place upon my dining room table. I added my cake stand with some theme appropriate cookies placed inside. Over on the buffet I filled some glass canisters with goodies such as gold rolos and placed some gold coins around a green candle. File Mar 12, 11 17 38 PM

I kept it simple in the kitchen by adding some cute dish towels over the handles of the oven and the dishwasher.

I find this type of decorating is not just simple its also is easy to change out and most the decor itself is plants or food we will devour and that leaves no taking down decorations after the holiday has passed, no clean up and no fuss is always a winner!


Simple Valentines



Copy of ummer deals! (32)

I literally just put this table top display together, better late than never I guess. I took a pan, and inside it I placed my vase full of tulips, a valentine card, a red candle, a dishtowel and my small muffin cloche.

Copy of ummer deals! (33)For the place settings I took out some old bandannas, from which I used one as a place mat and the other one as a napkin. On top of the dessert plates I placed some old heart shaped cookie cutters.








In the kitchen I hung hand towels on the oven handle. File Feb 10, 4 06 30 PMI used everything I already had on hand, except for the tulips, it was all simple and will be just as easy to take down after Valentines.






Christmas Snack Bar

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I previously mentioned in my Christmas Tour blog post that this year’s decor was the simplest I’ve ever decorated, well the same goes true for entertainment as well.It was just my husband and I for Christmas Day, but we will be having other guests over for the evening, so I put together a QUICK snack bar.

I used glass containers and filled them with candy and popcorn, the largest glass container will hold punch that I will assemble later on when the guests being to arrive.

Copy of ummer deals! (29)

I took one of my china cups and placed it inside the popcorn container for easy serving.Copy of ummer deals! (26)

I decided to use kraft paper and tape it down to cover the buffet, since I had no table cloths or runners to fit the buffet. I used markers and traced cookie cutters to decorate the paper around the items on the buffet.Copy of ummer deals! (27)

a candle, Christmas cards and fresh flowers add to the Christmas ambiance

Copy of ummer deals! (30)I don’t have storage space to keep holiday plates etc so  I purchased               holiday napkins and put out my everyday white dinner and snack plates, for serving .Copy of ummer deals! (31)

Some fresh flowers and a candle and I’m done. I think back about all the years I slaved in the kitchen, and spent tons on Christmas decor and entertaining and I can’t believe how simple things can be if you use what you have around the home. I do love to cook and bake cookies and candy, but the family these days will not indulge in those delicacies or are too busy running house to house to celebrate to eat so putting out store bought cookies and candy and popping corn, I find, was a simple way for me to still offer some goodies to munch on and not lose much time in the kitchen if they choose not to snack ,and I’m not left eating all the uneaten baked goods myself lol Happy Holidays everyone, I’ll be back soon with the Christmas punch recipe to share. ~Gen


2015 Christmas Home Tour

Outside & Inside this year was the simplest I’ve ever decorated.

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Let’s take a tour of the decor inside the house first: The tree is decorated with two different ribbonsCopy of ummer deals! (21), gold glass globe ornaments, some large stars I purchased at the dollar store, they were originally red glitter, but I painted over them with white spray paint.

The tree topper was originally a yard stake light cover

Copy of ummer deals! (18)that I purchased at a thrift store, I had plans to paint the nutcracker all white, but his colors made the other items on the tree pop, so I left him as is The dining room table is decoratedCopy of ummer deals! (20) in the “red truck”theme with a chalk board runner. I chose to use napkins  in place of placemats. I sat out my gold utensils to get the touch of gold.Copy of ummer deals! (22)

the tree skirt  is an upside down basket from which the handle was removed. I love it! Last but not least in the kitchen I just hung christmas hand towels on the oven and stuck a red basket to hold a candle on top. My grandmother loved red cardinals so that is in memory of her. She always made Christmas special the “big” Christmas dinner was always held at her home, lots of food and family, How I miss those days!Copy of ummer deals! (15)

For the outside, I kept it very simple. Greenery was hung on the door and over top of that I hung some old skates and made them a bow out of torn gingham fabric. I wrapped the bottom of the trees with burlap.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a Healthy & Happy New Year!







Apple Cider Mimosas

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A very simple drink for Fall, the Apple Cider Mimosa! I was left with almost a gallon of cider to do something with after Halloween, so I surfed for ideas and found several for sangrias and mimosas.

The mimosa drink is the simplest, as I already know how to make the usual mimosa with orange juice and champagne, MY FAVORITE! so I thought why not try it with apple cider instead of the usual orange juice.

There is no recipe for it really you just take a chilled glass and add to it, a ratio of 1/2 champagne and 1/2 apple cider and enjoy. What’s your favorite fall drink?