Apple Cider Mimosas

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A very simple drink for Fall, the Apple Cider Mimosa! I was left with almost a gallon of cider to do something with after Halloween, so I surfed for ideas and found several for sangrias and mimosas.

The mimosa drink is the simplest, as I already know how to make the usual mimosa with orange juice and champagne, MY FAVORITE! so I thought why not try it with apple cider instead of the usual orange juice.

There is no recipe for it really you just take a chilled glass and add to it, a ratio of 1/2 champagne and 1/2 apple cider and enjoy. What’s your favorite fall drink?


Grilled Donuts

Simple Cookingdonuts

I’ve found my new favorite way to fix donuts GRILLED! I’ve posted donuts before using the deep frying method as you can see here, this way is just as yummy, without the greasy and messy cleanup>  Just like other typical biscuit donuts recipes you start with a can of refrigerated buttermilk biscuits, cut out the center, I used a 2 liter soda bottle cap to do so, you make up the sugar and cinnamon mixture to dip the donuts in afterwards, and set that aside.

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How to Hard Boil an Egg

Simple Kitchen Tips for Hard Boiling and Peeling Eggs

I’ve tried many versions of How tos and this is the way I prefer to hard boil my eggs. Design

Place eggs into sauce pan and cover with water, bring to a rolling boil.  Set your timer for FOUR minutes.  The eggs will cook at the rolling boil stage for the four minutes then remove your pan from the hot stove eye and cover the pan with a lid for 12 minutes.  Drain the hot water from your eggs and replace with cool water and several ice cubes.  Allow eggs to cool for a few minutes and drain  Now you’re ready to peel your hard boiled eggs. Continue reading “How to Hard Boil an Egg”