Chair Makeover

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great Easter. I wanted to drop by and show you a project that I’ve been working on for the past few months. I’m no stranger to reupholstering, but this is the biggest project for me to date. I’m no professional and it shows with a lil pucker here and there, but I’m ecstatic that its done and I’m pleased over all with the change. I wanted to lighten up my living room and reupholstering these TWO chairs, that’s right I did two of them lol, really helped.

The first major hurdle was removing the old stagnate fabric and ALL THOSE TACKS……… me sentimental or planning for the future, but I saved all the tacks. It was A LOT of tacks, whew!

File Mar 31, 9 33 01 AM

I acquired these two chairs from the thrift store, They were quite dark and I already had dark floors in the room so I primed and painted them both white that left them a bit too white for my taste so I used some antiquing stain over top the white paint to bring out their carvings.

File Mar 31, 10 45 56 AM

I recovered both chairs with a lighter fabric and on the back I chose to use a navy ticking, to match my curtains I made for the room. I replaced the tacks with a lace trim.

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Now I’m off to recover and mend my sore muscles, take care everyone. ~Gen